🔙 Callback

Get data from uutside Naas network easily, usefull for OAuth and other stuff


Create callback url

url, uuid = naas.callback.add()

Create without self destroy

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(autoDelete=False)

Create with custom response

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(response={"toto": "tata"})

Create with custom response headers

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(responseHeaders={"toto": "tata"})


You can list all callback you have create

df = naas.callback.list()


You can get a callback result.

if callback didn't been call yet, result will be None

data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid)

Wait until data present

It will wait maximum 3000 sec

data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid, True)

Wait until data present with Timeout

timeout is in seconds

data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid, True, 10)

Get the full data

data = naas.callback.get(uuid, raw=True)


You can remove any callback by uuid.


List all (Admin)

Allows retrieving the all callback made by all users as admin.

import naas