Get started

How to start using Naas drivers in minutes. Naas drivers are made to facilitate scripting with your favorite tools.

Welcome to Naas Drivers

If you want to use Naas drivers on your local Jupyter environment, it's free and open-source, just follow the procedure below :

!pip install naas_drivers

Few drivers need a specific env var set, that will be notified

Why Naas Drivers?

We came from excel with the conviction that Python is awesome.

Python can be used by developers, or in a low code way.

That what we try to achieve with naas_drivers.

Simple formulas to interact with powerful tools.



the version number in your local machine

import naas_drivers

Are you at the last version

import naas_drivers

Get remote version

the last version number in Github

import naas_drivers


Show a button to quick open this documentation from Jupyter

import naas_drivers

Feature request

show feature request inside Jupyter

import naas
mode = "naas_drivers" # can be naas, naas_drivers, awesome_notebook